A Week's Worth of Shoe Making

A Week's Worth of Shoe Making

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November 5, 2014

A Week's Worth of Shoe Making And dont they love it! 

If you are to go by the testimonials from many of Mario's students, you will find that he is the best teacher to learn from.

Robyn Milne, who has just completed one of the the one-week intensive courses, says

"Mario is a fantastic tutor who has patience with students, and will step in to help, or let you take ownership if you prefer. 

He not only explains how to do each step, but why and has a cool and calm teaching style, never tense."

Everyone got to make a pair of shoes of their liking - heels, flats, evening shoes, walking shoes, and all got a bit of overtime due to Mario's generosity.
We think some students may be back!