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Please note that these dates should be definite but are subject to change, if need be.
Also, bookings are not yet taken for some future classes.



Leathercraft classes are held every Saturday morning from 8.45am -12.45 noon, with "Beginners Classes" and "Open"  (Regulars) Classes" alternating each week, with specialty classes slotted in each month. 

  • Beginners class teaches you the basic fundamentals of traditional leatherwork including tool uses and a tour of the store, introducing different leathers and whats available to you
  • Saturday Open classes (Regulars) and Tuesday Open classes (General) lets you work on your specific project and you are guided step by step.
  • Its not mandatory to do the Beginners first, but it comes highly recommended!!!
  • Tuesday classes are held once a fortnight from 10am till 2pm, and are open classes to make what you want and you will be guided.


In these casual Beginner Classes you can learn to emboss (stamp), dye, seal, and stitch and burnish edges on a simple item like a coaster, working on veg tanned leather. You also have a tour through the store showing all the different types of leathers and exotics.  This fun class teaches you the basics that will carry you through all of your projects including tool uses and leather choices. 
This class opens your eyes to what's available to you, and comes highly recommended. You only need one lesson to set you on your way.



Subsequent classes can be any project you like (within reason) and you will be guided on the day.  This can include carving, bevelling and setting hardware like rivets, studs (baby dots), buckles and keepers, and new projects of your choice will be easy, like belts, journal covers, handbags, almost anything...

However, if you have ANY particular project in mind - perhaps using chrome tanned leather for a soft handbag for example, this is also achievable without the Beginners Class, and you will be guided on the day. Please note there are no sewing machines in the classroom.  All sewing is done by hand.
Tuesdays, being a smaller class, are also an Open class to make what you want and you will be be guided step by step. Please Note that if the class contains less than 4 participants, the tutor will guide you step by step, but whilst you are busy, she will continue with other tasks.  Tuesday Open classes fall on every 2nd Tuesday.

4 hour Saturday Classes and 4 hour alternate Tuesday classes are $50.00 each. Beginners to advanced are all welcome. Bookings for all classes are essential and can be booked individually, by the lesson. Come in and join all the fun.
Private Tuition is available at $60 per hour for one on one tuition with Silvia Guerrera.

Room Hire:  Use of craftroom with no tutor or consumables is available @ $15 per hour.

You can also take advantage of the brilliant private tuition you'll receive with Mario Dato at the rate of $60/hour (minimum 2 hours) for shoe making. Email for more info.

Book Saturday classes HERE.     Book Tuesday classes HERE.       






New dates have been secured for 2 courses in March and April!  All skill levels can join one of Queensland’s finest plaiters, Bill Webb and learn how to plait a kangaroo whip over three days.


You will learn from scratch how to cut from the hide, skive the edges and plait around a core to create a beautiful, practical whip using quality hand stuffed Kangaroo leather.

Bill will take you through all of those processes with detailed explanations to product some fine neat plaiting and what pitfalls to look for.

When you prepare your lace, you will learn about proper lubricants whilst plaiting to keep your project smooth and flowing.  

When:  Fri—Sun 22-24 March 2019    BOOK HERE

Or:        Fri-Sun 26-28 April 2019       BOOK HERE

             Time:   8.30am — 4.30pm

Where: Birdsall’s upstairs workshop

Cost:   $495.00 for a 3 day workshop & your take home Roo whip


  • 1 x hand stuffed Kangaroo hide
  • Wooden handle
  • Lubricant


  • Small sharp knife
  • Lacing fid
  • Take advantage of the $7 healthy lunch option on the day.






Hey, have you done the Beginners Class?  Well its time for Stage 2!

Even if you haven't you can still make belts.  Learn the principals of belt making in this fun workshop where you can emboss & colour on natural veg tanned cowhide, or add bling to a pre-coloured belt length to call your own.


In this workshop you will practice on some scrap leather initially to work out what youd like to do, then correctly measure you belt length, bevel your edges and decorate to your liking including embossing and dyeing if you wish. 

Burnishing edges will finish off your master piece, including setting your buckle and hardware.  Loads of fun!
AND the same rules apply to dog collars.  Have the measurement of your dog's neck and off we go.

  • Belt length in either natural or coloured in 1½" width (38mm)
  • Standard nickle plated full buckle, or half buckle and keeper.
  • Dyes, sealers, conditioners, edge finishes,
  • All tools
  • Please note:  At extra cost, brass, trophy and special buckles are all available in store, plus any extra conchos or embellishments or bling!
  • IMPORTANT:  Please have the waist or hip measurement of the person you are making the belt for!  This is mandatory for the right fit!
  • Your imagination!

Have you ever wanted to personalise a collar for your dog, making it just the way you want?

In this workshop, you will walk away with your own handmade collar complete with embossing or extra hardware like conchos and studs. Otherwise, just plain and stitched in a cool colour. Your choice. 


Loads of options to choose from including brass hardware for dogs who enjoy the water.

Cost includes a 4-hour workshop, leather, standard buckles & hardware, and use of all tools & dyes.

Important!!  Please have your dog's neck measurement or an old collar to measure from.

(Please note that a basic dog collar will be completed in 4 hours, however, if extra embellishments & stitching are chosen, the project may not be completed in one day.)

When: Saturday 16th March 2019     BOOK HERE

Time:   8.45am sharp to 1.00pm

Where: Birdsall's upstairs workshop

Cost:    $75.00 for a 4 hour workshop


Veg tanned strap in natural or pre coloured leather

Hardware: nickle plated buckle & dee ring

Tools, Dyes & Conditioner


Brass & chromed brass hardware available plus loads of conchos and embellishments to choose from.

Harness needles and thread if you're stitching.

Suede if you're lining


Your imagination!

Perhaps an old collar you'd like to replicate.



Have you completed Beginners Stages 1 and 2?  
Well even if you haven't, you can learn the basic skills of traditional tooling by carving with a swivel knife and using bevelling, background and decorative tools.  
Firstly, you will practice your carving and tooling skills on scrap leather, using a simple craftaid template, with long flowing lines, to get your skills up

Then we will work on a masterpiece from the multitudes of (more simple) Craft Aid templates that you can choose from, on natural veg tanned leather.
pictured above is a beautiful version, tooled by Peter Main, of the craftaid used in this class to help you learn about the tools used for traditional leatherwork.
You will learn how to handle a swivel knife, how deeply to cut, and then which sides of the lines to bevel to create shadow and dimension. Back grounding, modelling and pearshading come next to complete your basic training.
We will antique our work which will sit in the grooves and impressions and bring this piece to life.

When:  Saturday 23rd February, 2019     BOOK HERE
Time:    8.45am - 12.45pm
Where: Birdsall's upstairs workshop
Cost:    $75.00 for a 4 hour workshop

Natural veg tanned leather piece
Craftaid template
Marble slab


Embossing tools (11): A104 Backgrounder / B702 Beveller / B936 small Beveller / C940 Camouflage / H907 Stop / Pear Shaders: P206 small smooth, P217 small checkered / S706 Seeder / U849 small Mulesfoot, V409 Veiner X501 Basketweave

Swivel knife

Modelling tool
Mallet or Maul
Edge creaser
Marble slab


Some tools will be available in the workshop to be shared amongst students.  Bring your own tools if you have them.


Purchase a complete set of required tools, (normal RRP @ $225.00) for the super discounted price of $187.00!



Learn to make a pair of custom made shoes from start to finish!

Shoes can include open toes, closed toes, high heels, flat heels or wedges, mens or womens. (Boots excluded for beginners) 

Skills you will learn include pattern making, cutting, machine skiving & machine stitching, folding, colouring, hand lasting, last building & edge finishing.

Both 6 week courses on consecutive Saturdays, or an intensive one week (5 day) course are on offer throughout the year with master Italian shoemaker, Mario Dato who has over 50 years experience. Perhaps bring a pair of old shoes you'd like to replicate or a photo of them!

Five Day - Intensive in February 2019   BOOK HERE

When: Monday 18th to Friday 22nd February.
Time: 9.00am to 3.00pm

Six Consecutive Saturdays Mar / Apr 2019    BOOK HERE

When: 2nd March to 6th April
Time: 9.00am to 1.30pm

Where: Birdsall's downstairs workshop
Cost: $755.00 for a 6 or 5 day course & a pair of shoes!
($655 for repeat students, minus tools)

Cost is inclusive of:
· All tuition
· Leather and components
· Use of all tools & equipment
· Tools to keep: shoe hammer, lasting pincers, tack knife, clicking handle & blade, scratch awl, magic pen & apron - value: over $250!! 

Compulsory: Closed shoes & no loose clothing or hair Take advantage of the weekly payment system for the six week course of $130p/w for those of you a lump sum who prefer not to pay up front.

Private Tuition with Mario
Finding the time slots difficult to attend?  Or you don't need a full course?  We are introducing PRIVATE TUITION with Mario Dato which can fall on any day except Thursdays, Fridays or Sundays!  Exciting stuff!

Take advantage of the brilliant tuition you'll receive with Mario at the rate of $60/hour (minimum 2 hours). Email for more info.



New dates available..... Back by popular demand!

Would you like to learn how to make, AND walk away with a brand new pair of custom made leather thongs (Jandals)?
Master Italian shoemaker, Mario Dato, who has over 50 years experience will show you how to cut, shape, dye and assemble some simple, comfortable footwear, namely leather thongs.  Different designs are available in subequent Jandal workshops which will be advanced classes.

You need to email Silvia with your current thongs size, and make sure you have closed in footwear on the day, hair tied back and no loose clothing, as you will be using machinery in the workshop.

Cost is inclusive of:
Full days tuition
Use of all tools
Leather and components
Extra tools can be purchased at Birdsalls, or bring your own tools if you have them.

When: Saturday 27th April 2019       BOOK HERE
Time:    8.45am till 2.00pm
Where: Birdsalls downstairs workshop
Cost:    $130.00 for a 5 hour workshop and a pair of shoes!

 Closed in footwear (on your feet) is mandatory




  • Bookings are Essential

  • Payment in full is required in advance to secure your spot. Credit card, Direct Deposit or cash are acceptable.

  • A non-refundable 20% booking fee is applicable for cancellations less than 7 days prior to workshop. (Shoe workshops are less than 21 days prior to workshop.)

  • Closed in shoes are MANDATORY

 Need Accommodation?  Dont forget.....



 We have good, clean, old fashioned pub style accommodation, literally walking distance across the road, at some great negotiated rates of $110/night if youre travelling from afar, and youd like to stay local overnight, or longer!  Email for details.   Cant get much closer!