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  • Chrome Chemical replacement

    Product Code: DTHRGw

    Hornes Chemical Green Replacment Kit (fatliquor not included as show in picture) Alluminium Sulphate 1.9kg Chromium Sulphate 1.15kg

    $37.44(inc GST)

    Out of Stock


  • Chrome Tanning Kit Commercial

    Product Code: DTHLGw

    Hornes Tanning Kit Commerical Green. This will tan up to approx 15 roo size pelts. This is a chrome tanning kit

    $91.82(inc GST)

    Out of Stock


  • Chrome Tanning Mini kit

    Product Code: DTHSGw

    Hornes Tanning Kit Small Chrome This kit will do approx 3 roo skins.

    $68.16(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Fat liquor 2 ltr

    Product Code: DTHFL

    Fat liquor 2 ltr

    $37.70(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Hornes Fleshing Scraper

    Product Code: DTHFSw

    Hornes Fleshing Scraper

    $29.70(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Vegtan Tanning Kit Commercial

    Product Code: DTHLBw

    Hornes Tanning Kit Commercial Brown. This kit will tan approx 10 roo size pelts. Vegetable tanned kit also generally hair off. (extra chemicals...

    $60.92(inc GST)

    Out of Stock


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