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  • Institutional Finish 4Oz

    Product Code: DFIF4w

    Institutional Finish 4Oz Used to protect and preserve color after dyeing with water based Institutional Leather Dye

    $9.90(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Pro Resist 32oz

    Product Code: DFPR32

    Pro Resist 32oz

    $38.50(inc GST)

    Out of Stock


  • Some non (Masking agent)

    Product Code: DCRSN

    Some non (Masking agent)

    $13.58(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Top Coat Leather Finish

    Product Code: DTC

    Top Coat Leather Finish available in 250ml, 1ltr, 2ltr and 5ltr


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