Mallets, hammers and Mauls

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  • 2.5 lb Rawhide Maul

    Product Code: CTRM25

    Stacked Rawhide Mallet/Maul - Heavy Duty 1.28kg / 2.5lb Extreme heavy duty mallet for maximum impact (not for tooling leather)

    $128.91(inc GST)

    Out of Stock


  • Craftool Poly Maul

    Product Code: Y3302-00

    Craftool Poly Maul

    $25.00(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Fitters Hammer

    Product Code: CTOSB1999w

    Fitters Hammer

    $31.64(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Garland Rawhide mallets

    Product Code: CGRM

    Garland Rawhide mallets, available in 11oz and 20oz weighted 311gms / 11oz for general leatherwork including tooling 567gms / 20oz for heavy duty...


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  • Osborne Poly Mallet 8oz

    Product Code: CTOSB496

    Osborne Poly Mallet 227gms / 8oz Head length 3.5", Face diameter 1.75", handle length 10" Good for general leatherwork including tooling

    $17.32(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Poly Mallet Large

    Product Code: CGPML

    Garland Poly Mallet 360gms / 12.5oz Larger head 2 1/8" x 4 ½" for general leatherwork

    $48.74(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Poly Mallet Yellow 2inch

    Product Code: CTBPM

    Poly Mallet 2" 220gms / 7.8oz Lightweight mallet for general leatherwork

    $33.00(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Poly Mallet/Maul

    Product Code: CTCCPM

    Poly Mallet/Maul - Lightweight 389gms / 13.7oz Beautifully crafted, lightweight maul, perfect for tooling leather

    $49.50(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Saddlers Hammer

    Product Code: CTOSB55w

    French Saddler's Hammer, oval Walnut Handle riveted through the steel shank. Head and handle are steel, forged in one piece, highly polished. The...

    $194.87(inc GST)

    In Stock


  • Wooden Mallet

    Product Code: CTCCWM

    Wooden Mallet 180gms / 6oz Lightweight Economy mallet for all purpose use. Perfect for kids/schools

    $7.70(inc GST)

    In Stock


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